14 mars 2008

How to toss an otter in english

Do you want a cup of tea? For this new entry i want to do something special. I want to write it...in english! I want to spread all over the Universe the art of "otter tossing". What is otter tossing? It's a sport created in 1816 by Lord CHESTBATEMPLINGTON during a huge drinking session in Romania. It is simple, you have to toss a bunch of grey otters with a catapult made with some parts of wooden crates. The three main categories of this beautiful sport are :

-"the distance" : you've got three attempts to toss an otter as far as you can.
-"the straight throw" : you've got a limited time to toss all the otters you can and try to reach a minimum distance.
-"the top crash" : you have to reach a target at different distances. Two attempts by target.

You know, otter tossing (or "ottertossing") is the best sport in the world. It's a kind pretentious. That's true...but "the best sport in the world" is one of the only things i can say in english. I can say "best sport in the world" and "where is Tom? He's in the kitchen". Tom is in the kitchen and he's killing some grey otters. He's tossing them all over the kitchen, right on the walls! Blood spreading on the soil. Yummy! Otter's blood!

So, english boy (or girl, or boy-girl) if you want some blood and fun : KILL OTTERS WITH A CATAPULT!
I'm really sorry for my english. I speak english like a spanish corpse (yes, spanish corpses speak yet).

Now it's time for me to find Tom. Maybe he is in the kitchen, maybe in the garden. Toooooom!

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